Shaping the future of our planet

by providing sustainable technologies

blueplanet hygiene stands for eco-friendly surface and nebulization disinfectants, non-toxic pet care hygienic products, disinfection of drinking water pipe systems, purification of process and swimming pool water.

for a protected environment and clean and safe drinking water for everyone

blueplanet taps the greatest foreseeable added value potential of the 21st century: Water.

blueplanet fighting Hepatitis E successfully in informal settlements in Namibia in 2019

On the 14th of December 2017, the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Namibia declared an outbreak of Hepatitis E in the country. More than 6,500 cases of Hepatitis E and 56 deaths, including 24 maternal deaths had been reported in Namibia till December 2019. The high maternal mortality is a consistent hallmark of the Hepatitis E outbreak. Hepatitis E is a liver disease caused by the Hepatitis E virus, and is transmitted via the fecal-oral route. This means people that become infected after ingesting water or food contaminated by fecal matter which contains the Hepatitis E virus. Risk factors include: limited sanitation infrastructure, and poor hygienic practices i.e lack of hand washing at critical times.

blueplanet is the No.1 of all ESG-rated companies in its peer group.*

While other companies try to adapt to the demands of society for ESG conform business conduct, blueplanet Investments is build from the ground as a company builder with ESG criteria at its roots.

blueplanet Investments believes that the creation of impact and the adherence to ESG rules not only is an ethical imperative but also creates competitive advantages. Investors, consumers and legislation with a growing significance demand that businesses have a purpose beyond making profits. We invest into and scale business models that have a positive impact on the world and at the same time generate profits in line with market requirements.

* Report by ISS-oekom from 27th August 2019

Doing good &
doing business

Each investment into blueplanet will
not only generate monetary profit
but also create social and ecological impact.